Issues with your property claim?

Professional Representation

Have no idea what is covered? Is your insurance carrier telling you they can’t pay for certain repairs? We are licensed by the State of Texas to professionally represent you in regards to your property claim.


From professional industry leading certifications, previous contractor and building experience, to 1000’s of successfully negotiated claims and policy analysis we have the knowledge to make sure you receive a fair claim award.

Pre-Damage Condition

When you pay your property insurance premium, you expect to be brought back to the condition your property was in before it was damaged by a storm. Your policy is there to hold your insurance carrier to certain rules to make this happen. While the policy is complex, we have years of experience holding insurance carriers to it.

No Fee Unless Recovery

Our fee is not based on an hourly amount, retainer, or flat fee. We charge a small percentage of what we recover for you which you pay out of the proceeds of the claim amount. If we do not recover anything further for you, we have no fee.

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It’s hard to determine what is damage from a storm and what isn’t. It’s also just as hard to determine what is covered under your insurance policy and what isn’t. Your insurance carrier will tell you one thing while your contractor will tell you another. We are licensed by the state of Texas to represent you in both these matters, to make sure you are properly put back to a pre-storm condition both physically and financially. While we do not charge for an evaluation, it will cost you in the end if you are not properly taken care of by your insurance carrier.

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