A commercial property is a large and very complex investment. Understanding policy provisions, construction processes, and taking the time to negotiate the claim will take away from your time doing what you do best, making money as a business owner.

Forensic Evaluation

It would be hard to negotiate a property loss if you do not have the evidence or knowledge to do so. Certifications from HAAG, infrared camera usage, and weather model production are some of the tools we use to document damage and build a complete scope of loss to your property.

Legal Knowledge

Knowledge of statutes, policy provisions, and law in regards to your property claim is just as important as identifying and negotiating the scope of loss. Knowing the means to a proper settlement through all channels if the initial negotiation does not indemnify is key. We have a strong network of appraisal and referable attorney resources to assure success.

No Fee Unless Recovery

How does our fee work? Simple, we are based on a contingent contract. We receive a small percentage of what we recover for you once the claim is settled. If we do not recover any additional coverage for you, we do not receive a fee!

Professional Representation

You are a business owner. Do you have the time to read and study your policy, meet with the carrier’s adjusters, research what should and should not be paid for, and negotiate your claim? How much time will this take away from your business? We are licensed by the state to negotiate with your insurance carrier on your behalf. We have the experience in all aspects of claim settlement procedures to assure proper indemnification.


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It’s hard to determine what is damage from a storm and what isn’t. It’s also just as hard to determine what is covered under your insurance policy and what isn’t. Your insurance carrier will tell you one thing while your contractor will tell you another. We are licensed by the state of Texas to represent you in both these matters, to make sure you are properly put back to a pre-storm condition both physically and financially. While we do not charge for an evaluation, it will cost you in the end if you are not properly taken care of by your insurance carrier.

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