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Your property has sustained damage. You file a claim with your insurance carrier. You meet with an adjuster. You are told that the damage is below your deductible, too old, or wasn’t created by a covered “peril”. If you do not have construction knowledge or insurance policy knowledge you would have no idea how to negotiate with your insurance carrier. Public Adjusters are licensed by the state in order to negotiate and adjust your claim on your behalf. We are not insurance adjusters, we only help property owners negotiate their claims.

We have staff of experienced knowledgeable adjusters waiting to help you bring your property back to the condition it was in before the damage!

Residential Claims

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Commercial Claims

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Tornado Claims

Tornado damage can be a very complex type of loss. Racking throughout the house can cause obvious and sometimes subtle issues that can require thousands of dollars in repairs. Hail, wind, water intrusion all are typically involved in a tornado loss. Overlooked damage of this type can cause big problems later down the road if not properly investigated, documented, and repaired.

Hail Claims

Hail is a huge issue for property owners in the southern areas of the United States. Not only does hail easily damage your roofing system, but HVAC, gutters, windows, window screens, and anything else that isn’t protected by the roof typically takes damage. Your insurance policy in most cases is there to replace the vast majority of these types of items, which are typically overlooked.


Water Claims

Sudden water backup by freezing pipes and other plumbing  and plumbing appliance issues are typically covered by your insurance policy. Water easily travels behind walls, under floors, and in cabinets creating much more damage than meets the eye. Proper investigating techniques using moisture meters and infrared camera equipment can identify issues that will cause huge problems months and years after the loss.


The Claims Process

The claims process can be an overwhelming, complicated, and prolonged situation. There are many regulations and laws put forth by your state to make sure that your insurance carrier settles a property claim in a timely and fair manner. Using a Public Adjuster allows you to have a representative that understands these regulations and will hold the insurance carrier to them. If you have questions about your claim or the process of settlement, please, feel free to contact us. We offer free claim consultations and can answer questions you may have.

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