Good Job Wes . Full Denial paid $72,000. Any contractors want jobs that carriers previously denied give us a call and find out how we can help. 817-969-4621 ... See MoreSee Less

Good Job Wes .  Full Denial paid $72,000.  Any contractors want jobs that carriers previously denied give us a call and find out how we can help.  817-969-4621

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If you Know metal and it has damage the carrier doesn't want to pay for call us. We have a proven track record of getting stuff bought.

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National Claims Negotiators LLC

High winds with lots of rain equals a need for representation by a Licensed Public Adjuster after Harvey #tapia ... See MoreSee Less

High winds with lots of rain equals a need for representation by a Licensed Public Adjuster after Harvey #tapia

Harvey just keeps going. Stay safe ... See MoreSee Less

Has the roofing business changed? ... See MoreSee Less

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Unfortunately here on the ground I'm seeing the same battle. 1. Unscrupulous roofers offering to cover deductibles 2. Roofers acting as unlicensed adjusters 3. Home Owners demanding "free" roof and then some additional work 4. Insurance companies under-value claims by significant amounts knowing home owner will walk away from long and tedious process and go with the aforementioned unscrupulous roofers. 5. Local and State politicians refuse to step in and make significant changes to legislation. 6. Lon Smith roofing verdict only affects those involved in dealing with the actual case. True, every roofer that practices such acts is setting themselves up for a lawsuit but greed is rampant in the industry and home owners who refuse to pay deductibles will continue to push the industry in a negative direction. 7. There is little to no remedy or relief for a contractor who is trying to do things the correct way only to be undercut and undermined by illegal offers. Department of insurance does'nt assist with these issues and simply states they don't regulate contractors. 8. Recent legislation affectionately dubbed the "blue tarp" legislation only strengthens the insurance industry hold on the process. Now even if they are found civilly liable for under valuing or improper denial of a claim, it is my understanding new legislation allows them to not be liable for 18% interest on the funds they illegally withheld. This along with many other pro-insurance changes only encourages bad settlement practices. Where is the incentive for them to act in good faith? 9. I am still seeing constant denial of general contractor overhead and profit when it is clearly warranted. Not being a licensed adjuster, the only tool in my pocket is to estimate it and show it as an expected estimated cost. With a simple we don't cover that or this project isn't complex enough to warrant a general contractor, the insurance adjuster places the burden on GC recommend home owner go through the long process of appraisal with the help of a public adjuster. This usually leads home owner to short circuit the process and act as their own GC or hire an unscrupulous contractor who will cut corners to make it seem like everything was completed properly. Unfortunately, I am not seeing a positive change in the roofing industry yet. Maybe you could help shine some sunshine on my rainy day.

We would like to thank and cite TAPIA (Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) for the following email and information which was sent out on August 3rd regarding the Lon Smith case.

"Today the Second District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth upheld the class certification against Lon Smith Roofing Company (LSRC) for the unauthorized practice of public adjusting. This means the Court has ruled that LSRC’s contracts are “illegal, void, and unenforceable” and that the business must repay all monies it collected from consumers included in the class.

The ruling prominently references the amicus curiae brief by NAPIA and TAPIA (the National and Texas Associations of Public Insurance Adjusters), written by Brian Goodman, NAPIA’s general counsel. The associations worked cooperatively with insurance industry attorney Steve Badger, Zelle LLP, in drafting and filing the brief.

The decision is a major victory for consumers and a clear warning to any person or company engaged in the unauthorized practice of public adjusting."

Would you like a copy of the ruling? Send us an email or give us a call!

Thank you for helping make our industry better as a whole.
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Now we need a ruling regarding waiving and absorbing deductibles.

What exactly were they found guilty of doing? Public Adjuster-Public adjusters are insurance adjusters who work solely for the policyholder and not the insurance carrier. ... It means public adjusters have no conflict of interest when negotiating on your behalf with the insurance companies. It also means that public adjusters will usually contact you after a disaster. To me this sounds like good practice and good business.

Lon Smith was providing public adjuster services without a license in the view point of the court. They are a contractor and can not provide no conflict adjusting services because they have a vested interedt in the final negotiated price. If negotiations begin to stall a contractor acting like a public adjuster may opt to accept whatever offer is on the table. That is a good for the contractor but not necessarily for the insured home owner. Unfortunately it's an all to common occurrence. This ruling might begin to curb the practice especially since it will be handled as a class action matter.

If insurance companies acted in good faith, there'd be little need for PA's or Lawyer's involvment. This wasn't a win for PA'S or the Insurance Co. It was a win for consumers when roofers break the law and try to hold consumers to an unenforceable contract.

Well , there are a few more that need to go through the process.

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Busy day for National claims negotiators! We looked at a school, a warehouse, mall and several residential properties for over 10,009 squares representing 1 million square feet. Glad we have multiple public adjusters on our team. Great job guys!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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National Claims Negotiators LLC

A little wood shake just for Fun ... See MoreSee Less

A little wood shake just for Fun

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1,734 more hits and splits per square and State Farm will pay for the roof!

That looks like a decreased exposure for a shake. Anything less than 10" requires additional waste.